About the Wi-Fi router loan system

The "Internet environment support for online learning" system is a measure to support learning and student life of all students in our University. To this aim, the University will lend Wi-Fi routers to students who have an inadequate network environment (Internet connection) for online learning. In principle, if certain conditions are met, any student registered at Tohoku University is eligible to borrow a Wi-Fi router free of charge until they can improve their internet environment by themselves.

1. Overview

  • Target: Students who need a Wi-Fi router* to participate in online classes from their current residence.

*A Wi-Fi router is a device that allows connecting a PC, tablet, etc. to the Internet through the data communication network of mobile operators.

  • Description of the service: Wi-Fi router (including the communication charges).

  • Loan Period: From the start of the load until the date the student can prepare its network environment (Up to March 31, 2021)

  • Loan rate: Free

  • Procedure: Based on the reason you need support, examine the conditions, and apply for the service.

  • Loan conditions: In principle, any student who has an inadequate or no internet environment to take online classes at his place of residence, is eligible to apply for the loan.

  • Usage rules: Do not use it for any purpose other than online courses. Also, you will be required to submit questionnaires about online classes regularly.

  • End of the loan: The loan period will be over when the student can prepare its network environment, or when the deadline is reached, or when there has been a change in the loan system or other cases

2. About the loan application

If you would like to apply, please fill in the Google Form provided in this site. The following information will be required:

  • Student ID number, name, grade, and other personal information.

  • Description of your current Internet environment.

  • Description of the reasons you need the loan.

  • Details of your plans to prepare or improve your Internet environment.

  • Accept and follow the rules.

  • Fill out the Google Form application: Applications have been closed.

  • In some cases, we conduct individual interviews with applicants

  • 2nd application period deadline: The application period has ended.

  • Application Results: The result (availability and model) will be notified by email.

Please note that the University may not be able to meet your request due to the limited number of units (this time we are planning to have 30 routers).

3. Procedure after loan

After the loan has been approved, the process is as follows.

  • The University will send the Wi-Fi router to the place of residence of the students whose loan was accepted.

  • During the lending period, the student is required to submit regular surveys about the online lessons.

  • After the period ends, the student needs to submit an end-of-lending report by email and return the Wi-Fi router to the University.

4. Terms of loan

The conditions for lending under this system are as follows.

  • If the student does not have any online environment to take online classes at its place of residence, or

  • The student has an online environment to take online courses, but it is challenging to take all the registered online courses continuously. However, only if you are planning to enhance your Internet environment.

Also, please check the following before applying:

  • If you can use the relief measures of communication restriction provided by the cellular companies to support students.

  • Priority will be given to students taking online classes primarily in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of undergraduate and 1st year of graduate school students.

  • If your faculty or graduate school offers a similar support system, we strongly recommend that you use it.

5. Usage rules

Students must revise and accept the following rules:

  • The purpose of lending is for online classes, so do not use it for any other purposes.

  • For preventing the spread of COVID19, use it only at home.

  • Do not lend it to others or use it as collateral.

  • Register the line (SIM card) of the equipment and perform the line opening procedure by yourself.

  • Submit a questionnaire on the status of the online lessons regularly by the designated method.

  • Promptly return the equipment after the end of the loan period.

  • Make all efforts to improve the internet environment of your home during the loan period.

  • From the time of receiving the equipment, you will safely keep and manage it, and in the event of an accident such as theft or damage, you need to assume all responsibility for the damage caused.

  • Do not make any hardware change to the equipment (modification, SIM replacement, etc.)

6. Contact information

  • Contact Phone : Education and Student Support Department, Educational Affairs Section 022-795-7536 (weekdays 9: 00-17: 00 only)

  • Contact email: covid19-wifi-lend-info[at]grp.tohoku.ac.jp